Commercial law – small and medium companies – contracts

Trevisan & Associati provides regular assistance to its clients in negotiation, drafting and execution of commercial contracts: franchising, supply, joint ventures, industrial contracts, loans, real estate, goods and services.

We also provide assistance to small and medium size companies, associations, bodies and natural persons, both Italian and foreign, drawing up international contracts, helping them also in the choice of the appropriate clauses in compliance with international law practices and solving legal problems.

Through Eurolegal, the network of European law firms to which Trevisan & Associati adheres, we are able to provide preliminary information on the national laws of the foreign countries where our clients intend to start up commercial, industrial and financial projects, and carry out economic and financial operations, allowing them to receive maximum coverage and legal aid in situ for the development of their activities. The firm also give assistance and consulting on bank – small and medium corporates loan problems, also on the loan agreements re-negotiation.

Furthermore our Firm has a large experience in litigation on matters of contracts, breach of contracts, liability concerning the offer of goods and services and debt collection.