International law – public companies – corporate governance – proxy voting

Trevisan & Associati approaches all corporate law issues and different methods to solve each of them. The Firm has long been providing consulting and assistance in matters regarding corporate governance, in particular, representing and providing legal aid to institutional investors – chiefly foreign – in their valuations of the fairness and transparency of the conduct of issuers and of administrative and regulatory bodies, with respect to the principles of corporate governance, according to international standards and to local and particular codes of discipline and self-discipline in compliance to the accounting rules.
In this regard, Trevisan & Associati also has specific experience in legal matters regarding relations between corporate bodies, corporations and shareholders, general meeting, in representation and attendance in voting during meetings convened by companies also listed on the stock market. It has long time experience in” proxy voting” service, both for private and public investors.

Trevisan & Associati provides assistance and advice to the institutional investors and private entities regarding the ordinary and extraordinary operations, internal and transnational, including the mergers,  acquisition, but also any form of legal aid, assisting, in particular, extraordinary equity transactions, national and international, mergers, acquisitions, lease, company divisions and shares blocks.

It also gives assistance to both private and public investors, mostly foreign, on issuing company and governance evaluation, according with national/international rules and self legislation.

The firm works, also, in the field of corporate litigation and shareholders’ agreements, through to its network, it can assist clients in all EU countries.

We have a singular long experience in Proxy voting service, for Italian and not, both private and public investors, in the corporate and public companies meeting. These activities are provided  for all kind of investors, privates and companies (also on behalf of third parties) to consult and protect all administrative/economic rights in meeting decisions (board election and revocation, balance, profit, loss, auditors, salary and benefit, accounting, stock option, capital operations, acquisition, merger, business purpose modifications, dissolution).