Financial markets and financial mediators

Trevisan & Associati has a specific long time experience on investments, financial markets and markets regulation. We work on all pass on a company life: from foundation to the ordinary business activity.

 In particular we give consulting and assistence on menaged saving, investment funds and structured products. This activity is undertaken also in respect of the relations with the regulatory bodies (Bank of Italy, Consob, Ivass).

The firm deals also with assistance for Italian and foreign clients on capital markets biggest transaction, financial instruments, derivates and linked administrative powers.

The Firm assists in the procedures of control of the investments and also its legal aspects, breach of contracts, forms, investments activities and services,  in compliance to the MIFID rules.

Trevisan & Associati deals, also, with investors – companies – financial players relationships and pathologies, financial instruments market, and information’s prospectus.

The Firm also provides assistance in the framework of relative financial – business contracts and linked issues, copying to law and regulations.